Lagos-Badagry Highway must remain 10-Lane Carriageway, Sanwo-Olu appeals to FG

The 10-lane right-of-way already set by the Lagos State
Government in the ongoing construction of Lagos-Badagry
Expressway needs to be preserved, Governor Babajide Sanwo-
Olu urged the Federal Government.
Sanwo-Olu said the ongoing construction work on the Lagos-
Badagry Expressway would shoot up population upon
completion and open the corridor up for more physical
The Governor stressed that the maintenance of 10-lane on the
stretch currently being constructed by the Federal Government
was necessary to help the State efficiently manage traffic and
enhance safety of residents on the axis.
Sanwo-Olu spoke on Wednesday, while meeting with members
of the Senate Committee on Works that paid him a courtesy
visit at the State House in Alausa. The Committee was led by
its chairman, Sen. Adamu Aliero.
The Federal Government is currently handling the construction
of the Lagos-Badagry Expressway from Agbara to Seme
Border, while Lagos Government is complementing the effort
from Orile to Iba town, creating five-lane on either sides of the
22-kilometre-long stretch.
The Governor said reducing the expressway to two-lane
highway could not be sustainable for future development,
adding that the preservation of the 10-lane already set on the
highway would make it easy for Lagos to extend its Blue Line
Rail project into Badagry town.
Sanwo-Olu said: “I am happy that the Federal Government has
taken up the construction of Lagos-Badagry Expressway from
Agbara to Seme Border. But the challenge is that we don’t
want them to reduce the expressway to two lanes. We’ve said
to them that they should keep the 10-lane right-of-way,
instead of reducing it back to two-lane. Even if what they are
going to build is two lanes on either sides, let them keep the
space for expansion to 10 lanes. So that in future, either State
or Federal government can build on it.
“We also have our rail infrastructure along that Badagry
corridor and we are hoping that it will be completed before the
end of next year. With the rail corridor and the 10-lane
expressway, it means we can extend the rail project to
Badagry. That’s why we must preserve the 10 lanes for future
The Governor thanked President Muhammadu Buhari and the
National Assembly for prioritising the rehabilitation of Lagos-
Ibadan Expressway and the budgetary support being giving to
the Ministry of Works and Housing handling the project.
Sanwo-Olu praised the Minister for Works and Housing, Mr.
Babatunde Fashola, for the progress recorded on the ongoing
construction work on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, while also
urging the Federal Government to hasten the rehabilitation
work on other inter-state expressways, including Ikorodu-
Sagamu Highway, Itokin Expressway and Lagos-Abeokuta
He said Lagos had already started to leverage Public Private
Partnership (PPP) in providing requisite infrastructure to
support businesses and enhance economic growth. He said
the State was ready to support other private-led initiatives that
would bring succour to commuters and residents of the State.
Aliero said the purpose for the Committee members’ trip to
Lagos was to inspect the ongoing road projects being handled
by the Federal Government in the State, noting that the
Senators would be visiting Apapa-Oshodi-Oworonsoki, Lagos-
Ibadan and Lagos-Badagry expressways to inspect the
ongoing work on the roads.
The Committee chairman said Lagos deserved the attention
being accorded to it by the Federal Government, describing
the State as “strategic” for commerce and innovation in the
Although two of the road projects are being funded from
Sovereign Wealth Fund and Budget, Aliero said there was
need for Government at all level to partner with private sector
for development projects. He said the National Assembly had
start working on legislation that would make the Government
to leverage PPP model in financing infrastructure.
He said: “We can no longer rely on budgetary allocations to
continue funding projects. We have to find an alternative way
of providing infrastructure, including roads, railway and power.
Perhaps it is important now to go into PPP, giving the example
laid down by Alhaji Aliko Dangote who is constructing and
expanding Apapa-Oshodi-Oworonsoki Expressway. If we had
gone by budget, it might take another 10 years to complete
the road.
“If we allow the private sector to construct and manage the
infrastructure, it would go a long way in making provision of
infrastructure easier. This is why the Senate is coming up with
strong legislation to enable the private sector to go into
partnership with Government to build infrastructure. Whatever
money remain can be invested in social sector, such as
education and healthcare delivery.”
Aliero praised the Lagos Government for complementing the
effort of the Comptroller of Works in traffic management and
rehabilitation of failed sections of federal roads.

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