NSITF South East Office in a Mess

Trouble is brewing at the National Social Insurance Trust Funds (NSITF), and the case may consume many heads at the corporate headquarters of the NSITF.

The crisis rocking the agency is that of high politics of godfatherism, corruption, tribalism, high-handedness, power tussle and official recklessness of those at the South-east branch of the organization.

Trouble started with the organization sometime early 2019, when the Principal Manager, the Zonal Director of the Federal Agency, and the head, South East, engaged themselves in power tussle that culminated into unwarranted transfers of some of the workers to show superiority and have the ample time to run the organization the way the directors want it to be done.

The Executive Director Operations, NSITF, Kemi Nelson, transferred the Principal Manager in Imo State, Mrs. Unanma, to the Port Harcourt Zonal Office but the transfer was stopped by the Executive Director, Finance and Investment, Mr. Jasper Azuakolam.

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According to investigation, Unanma was recommended for dismissal but for the timely intervention of some stakeholders, who pleaded that she be transferred to another branch of the agency. Daily Mandate gathered that Unanma was eventually moved to a new branch, and little did she get to her new place than she was said to run into another troubled waters, swimming from one end of murky waters to another, contracting controversies to herself.

As the head of the agency in her new office, where she supervises the activities, she was alleged to have cornered the fund meant for the installation of generator meant to serve the office which was procured by the NSTIF. She was said to have refused to install the generator and in the process siphoned the monthly allocations meant for the installation which runs into thousands of naira for over three years.

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The embattled Principal Manager was accused of collecting over Seventy Thousand Naira every month for fueling an uninstalled generator, and other sundry allegations.

It was gathered that the Principal Manager decided on her own to recommend for the transfer of all the junior officers who are said to be in her bad books to other branches.

After several petitions were sent to the Headquarters she was eventually transferred to Port Harcourt Zonal Office for a possible independent inquiry to be set up. She, however, refused to go on the transfer but instead hid the letter of transfer and pleaded with her godfather in the Headquarters to come to her rescue. The God father, an Executive Director sat on the transfer and forced the Administrative staff to cancel the transfer while boasting that it is only staff that he doesn’t have interest in that can be displaced.

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The question on the lips of everybody is: can any staff remain in office even after indictment? The Executive Director is said to be under probe by the ICPC. Yet he is going about his normal business, boasting that nothing will happen.  It is expected that the Executive, Operations who effected the first transfer of the Manager is to issue an official statement soon to clear the air.

On the generator it was supplied by the Headquarters but she refused to install it, she is accused of collecting Seventy thousand naira monthly meant for diesel for over a year   Kemi Nelson is the Executive Director Operation NSITF she effected the transfer of the Principal Manager Imo state to PH, The person transferred is Mrs Unamma.The man that stopped the transfer is the Executive Director Financial and Investment Mr Jasper Azuakolam, any other information you need

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