4.417 Kilograms of Cocaine targeted at West African market seized

Uruguayan Authorities at the port of Montevideo has on Thursday seized a Cocaine bound for Togo, a coastal couuntry whic is two coutries away from Nigeria. The drugs was discovered in a seizure operation jointly carried out by the National Customs Directorate and the Naval Officers attached to the port.

According to crime watchers, the final destination could not be far from Nigeri, being the most populous and largest market in the West African subregion.

According to the director of the National Customs, Jorge Borgaini, at least 4,417 Kilograms of Cocaine was seized in the port. He said that the drugs were disguised soy flour and hidden  across the the three shipping containers.

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There is still one more container left to open. Borgaini said. The amount of Cocaine counted from the first two containers is said to be worth 1.3 billion U.S. Dollars. He said it was the largest shipment of drugs in the history of the country’s drugs shipping.

The Uruguayan Navy, in their own briefing, stated that the operation will be “the largest blow to drug trafficking in the history of the country”.

The joint officials said scanners at the Montevideo port found “anomalies” in four containers, which were shipped by a company specialized in soy exports. Customs Chief, Borgaini said in Friday that the exporting company is under investigation.

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The operation breaks a record set in November, when the joint authorities on duty, found a container with 3.3 tons of Cocaine in the same Montevideo port. That container was on the way to Cotonou in Benin through the Spanish island of Tenerife.

The source of the cocaine could not be traced at the time of filling this report according to Borgaini but it is said to have been loaded into trucks on Tuesday at a ranch 180 miles from the Montevideo port.

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