Nigerians Reacts To The New Update On National ID Card

Many Nigerians took to social media to express their selves on the new policy updated on national Id Card.

The Federal Government has incur price on National ID Card. so to get a National ID Card you must pay money and CBN also will charge you for every transactions made in your Bank.

See More Comments:Tosin Olugbenga Give everybody a National Identification Number NIN,so if you want to open bank account,collect drivers license,get int’l Passport,or register for anything just present your NIN,which would be used to query the national database to get your details. No need for National ID. THE NEXT OBA OF LAGOS So I heard you will be paying N3,000 to renew your national ID Card and N5,000 to replace it, So what happens if I’m not able (financially) to renew it ? Will I cease to be a Nigerian citizen ? This government is indeed a joke. A real one  

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fįfįWhoever amongst the management or staffs of  

that brought up the idea of National ID Renewal, may God delay ur joy, may heaven withhold your blessing. In fact it is possible for u to not wake up tomorrow morning as u sleep tonight….nonsense people in Government.

One thing I know is that I can’t be arrested for not being a Nigerian until I am proved with legal evidence of not being a Nigerian. So if

likes, they should or should not issue National ID because or 3k. Lemme think of a country I can be deported to sef

CITIZENSHIP IN NIGERIA FOR SALE! Nigerians Condemned The Idea Of FG Over Introduction Of Charges For New National ID Card Or Renewal by the

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. We Strongly Condemned The Move By This Government To Privatized Everything Including The Fundamental Rights.

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