War against Poverty (WaP)

Called the Third World War, the harm Poverty is doing to Humanity is worse than
the First and Second World Wars put together. It masquerades as sicknesses and
diseases, hunger, starvation, extreme deprivation, criminalities, violent extremism
and outright conflict. In any of these conditions, a victim of poverty is rendered
financially helpless in a manner that he cannot come out of the situations.
In fact, Poverty is one very potent push and pull factor. The war of Poverty is
without borders and it is an equal opportunity war, raging and waging without
discrimination, cutting across nations, religion, gender, age, profession, etc.
Poverty is a spirit. Some people are born poor, some are poor by choice and some
are made poor. If you are born poor, you do not need to remain poor. You do not
have to choose to be poor and you do not allow any body to make you poor.
Marriage to Poverty is not by force. You have the right to divorce poverty.
Even governments which we all subordinate our respective financial freedom to
are helpless in the War against Poverty. People continue to live under minimum
wage or what someone called “minimum bondage or minimum wedge”. The best
government has offered is to grade you, level you and step on you, by placing you
on Grade-Level-Step!
Weapons of Poverty:
 Doubt
 Fear
 Intimidation
 Inferiority complex
 Low self esteem
 False contentment
 Self-pity
 Pseudo-philanthropy
 Prevarication
 Procrastination
Failed Anti-dotes against Poverty:
 Austerity Measures

 Structural Adjustment Programme
 Anti-corruption
 Abstenance
 Prayer and Fasting
 Poverty Alleviation/ Eradication
Farewell to Poverty
What you need to defeat poverty is Weapon of Mass Destruction which is multi-
level marketing strategy to tap into the Commonwealth of Nations. It combines:
 Health and Wealth
 You eat, you earn at the same time
 You eat your cake and have it.
Longrich Oil Well and Recharge and Get Paid provide you with all the
armament to defeat Poverty.
 Longrich Oil Well
Longrich is a Chinese production company with a variety of world class
products ranging from house hold to medicaments and electronics with high
value and benefits. All you need do is to register with the company at a rate
affordable to you, switch to Longrich products or brands for your personal use
and certain percentage of your purchase value will be paid into your account
on a weekly basis up to when you will attract a percentage of the company’s
monthly global sales.
You stand to move higher up the ladder when you refer persons to buy similar
products using your code. You also introduce just three persons who will
register under you and who will switch their brand to Longrich. These three
persons introduced by you will also introduce three more persons each till you
lose count of how many persons have joined your team. This multiplication is
effortless, seamless and works out, naturally. You can equally deal in or retail
Longrich products with life transforming profit margins.
Longrich is currently putting up a multi-billion Naira state of the art industrial
plant in Lagos to bring its products to the door steps of an average Nigerian.
 Recharge and Get Paid Oil Well

This is a multi-billion Naira business that has taken the Tele-communication
industry by storm. An average Nigeria virtually depends on recharge card,
data, and TV cable network subscription to survive. With Recharge and Get
Paid, you load your phone, buy data and subscribe for your TV station all with
your handset in the comfort of your confine and you are paid a certain
percentage for doing so. You can also recharge for other persons using your
phone and you get paid by the company. The same way you get others to
register under you and you get value from them. The multiplication is
effortless, seamless and works out naturally.
Final Word:
Why buy a product from where you will only pay and not be paid?
Why not register where you will pay for the products and be paid for the same
products and also be paid for the purchases of others?
There is no better way to financial freedom! Start now!
Let us stop Poverty before Poverty stops us!
“In fact, Longrich and Recharge and Get Paid are anti-poverty vaccines that one
needs to be inoculated with for financial freedom. They are best for financial
Note the following don’ts:
Don’t prevaricate
Don’t procrastinate
Don’t doubt
Don’t be afraid to venture
Don’t let poverty eat you raw
It is risky not to take a risk!
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