Pipeline explosion kills two in Lagos

Fire broke out in Ijegun are of Alimosho local government council in Lagon state on Thursday Morning after suspected hoodlums vandalized the pipeline in the area belonging to the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission.

Daily mandate gathered that the fire started at about 5am in the morning when some suspected hoodlums broke the pipline in order to steal petroleum products. They had already gotten some of their tankers filled with products when the flow went out of control and littered the street.

The smell of the product was what woke some residents of the area when they came out to find out what has gone wrong.

According to a source at the scene of the fire who pleaded anonymity said “we woke up this morning when we perceived the odour of some substances we learnt that the vandals came with trucks to steal petrol they had succeeded with some trucks, it was when some one was about to start a car that fire started. There was was explosion which excalated the fire”

Two persons were confirmed dead serveral cars were burnt and more than 30 vehicles were burnt by fire.

This will be the second time this incident is occurring in the area. In 2008 it was reported that same incident occurred in the area which caused several damages. This had caused people to relocate from the area.

Residents of the area are calling on the government to come to their aid to provide security for the pipeline in order to prevent future reoccurrence.

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