Bafa Foundation decry poverty rate in kogi


Against the growing incidence of mass poverty ravaging the people of kogi state President of Bafa Foundation Adobanyi Averehi has called for a concerted efforts by the people to tackle the scourge that has reduced the citizenry to a living corpse.

Averehi who is also a governorship aspirant on the platform of PDP made the call Wednesday in a chat with Journalists in Lokoja.

The Bafa foundation president disclosed that his Foundation has been providing assistance in a areas of medical care and family support since 2017 called on the government to support families through regular payment of salaries and pensions.

According to him, the living conditions of the people calls for concern as many are living below poverty level.

“Despite our effort to curtail this in Kogi State, things appears to be getting worse. As I speak to you, many people in Kogi State could hardly afford two square meals a day. There is poverty everywhere. When my foundation visited some areas in the East, West and Central part of Kogi State, I feel like crying.

”Businesses are closing down, investors are running away. We need to do something urgently before things get out of hand.

“People are suffering. For how long are we going to continue like this? Bafa foundation can only empower some people and not the entire people in Kogi state.

“We are calling on public spirited individuals, politician, and philanthropist join hands with us towards alleviating the sufferings of our people

“Bafa foundation was established with the sole aim of providing humanitarian support for the less privileged, capital support to petty business owners, interest free loan for entrepreneur, medical intervention for critical cases and Scholarships.

“Among those who have benefited from Bafa programs are Artisans, traders, hairdressers, laundry operators, Barbers, Tailors, and road side mechanics.” He solicited.

While calling on government to consider the people’s walfare in their policies hinting foundation has consistently provided social welfare intervention to assist poor masses.

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