Youth empowerment is my Priority- Halims

Honourable Abdullahi Alih popularly known as Halims is a regular contestants into the Federal House of Representatives for  Ankpa/ Olamaboro/ Omala federal constituency. He was between 2007 and 2011 represented Ankpa 1 state Constituency. This period the erosion menace in the Ankpa metropolis that has hitherto defied solutions was fixed. Hundreds of Ankpa unemployed youths were employed into both the Federal and state establishments, including Military, police and paramilitary services.

He believes in the empowerment of  the youths  which according to him over 250 young men and women from the kogi East were employed by his private businesses spanning Hospitality industry, oil and gas and Estate Management enterprises , in  this hold no bare interview with  Atabo Julius Halims who is testing his popularity on All progressive  Congress (APC) is slugging it out  with the  candidates of PDP Hajia Habibat Deen, Hon. Hassan Omale of the Action Democratic Party ( ADC) while Mohammed Idris will file out on the ticket of  Accord party ( AP). He challenge his opponents in the February 16, 2019 House of Representatives election for Ankpa,/ Olamaboro/ Omala constituency to show the world their capacity to bring both human and material  development to  the people.

When asked his plans and programmes for the constituency if elected, he was quick to say that his immediate priority is to empower the youths of the constituency as a safeguard against the evil machinations of peer groups and to keep them away from the unscrupulous politicians who would use them as thugs to unleash mayhem on their opponents.

He added that he will ensure that they are engage in productive enterprises. saying part from  his  personal efforts to bring development to the zone , he  shall commit the Federal and state governments through lobbying to create enabling environment to building massive infrastructural projects throughout the entire constituency that will enable them to practice their trade which  will  grow wealth for the people.

The House of representatives hopeful noted that his empowerment programme will take the youths off the streets and by that drastically reduce the  incidence of social vices that have bedevilled our society.” I usually tell those in governance that most of the youths that engages  in crimes and criminality  are doing so  because they were not productively engaged, with  the axiom that an  idle mind  is the devils workshop is apt in our society.

 Hon Abdullahi Alih disclosed that his attempt  at  making  the youths the future drivers of the economy made him as a policy to employ most of his staff from the Kogi East. According to him, he has been in the private business for over 25 years. “I have seven petroleum stations, and I can tell you that Igala sons and daughters are the ones working there. I lift petroleum products from 14 depots and all my depot supervisors are from kogi east. In Halims Hotels over 80% of the workforce are not just from Ankpa, Olamaboro or Omala but Igalas. I stand to challenge those contesting against me to show their employment status for their constituents either in their private businesses or while they were either in the state House of Assembly or in the green chamber of the National Assembly.

Continuing, he said while in the State Assembly between 2007 and 2011 in his capacity representing good people of Ankpa 1 constituency, he attracted massive employment opportunities for the indigenes of the constituency, which he added could be verified as many of them are in their various offices till today. I ensured that in my four years in the Assembly not less than 200 youths were employed through me in the Federal, and State establishment including the military, police, civil Defence and other paramilitary forces. I’m doing this because there is a correlation between employment and reduction of social vices.

 Asked to comment on what he wants the electorate to do in this election, he quipped ”   As the election approaches, the electorate especially the youths should be focused and should not allowed themselves to be used by politicians for selfish reasons. This period, the evildoers who are desperate for positions are around the corners looking for whom to recruit as thugs to unleash terror against their opponents.  It is my candid advice for the people to ask the politicians to recruit their children and siblings to do the work for them. I encourage them not to yield to their machinations as they will use and dump them. They should think more of their future as leaders rather than collecting stipends to do the job that may cost them their lives. I urged them to receive counsels only from the right thinking members of the society. They shun thuggery and violence and they should take their destinies in their hands by working hard and not wait on hand-outs from politicians who will capitalize on their vulnerability to use them for violence.

While reiterating his determination to ensure that qualified sons and daughters of the constituency are appointed into Federal and State institutions, he lamented that he has been seeking the votes of the people in the past 12 years to afford him the opportunity to lobby the government for their recruitment. He advises them to vote for him to re-enact what he did in the Assembly as regard getting jobs for the people. He added that the propelling force in seeking their mandate to the House of Representatives is his capacity and wherewithal to negotiate at the highest level of governance for the good of the majority of his constituents.
Speaking further, he enjoined the electorate to look out for capacity, and the past antecedents of the candidates as a determinant in their voting choice. 

 “Credibility, capacity, compassion should be their yardstick for voting rather than primordial party affiliations. He urged them to cast their votes for tested and trusted candidate stressing that of the four leading candidates jostling for the position have at one time or other took or takes a shot either  in the state  legislature or National Assembly.  I called on our people to interrogate their performance.

“I assure them that I Hon. Abdullahi Alih Halims have  the integrity and  capacity to make things work. They should ask my opponents to show them how many projects, motions and bills have they attracted and sponsored for the good of the people.  Legislative business is not for the dumb, it is for those with superior mental alertness. 

“Before asking for votes, they should tell the people, those that are still representing the constituency what are they doing for the people and those that are former legislators what have they done for the constituency? I’m saying authoritatively that in their four years they could not get one youth employed. All what they are after is hiding under party, and other sentiments to seek for votes and I’m assuring them that the electorate will reject them at the polls”

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