Where are the BRT Buses commissioned by Buhari?

There are indications that the newly branded buses acquired by the Lagos State Government to ease transportation system in the state may have developed wings. 

This has prompted Lagos residents to start murmuring regarding the whereabouts of the well over 100 buses recently commissioned by the President  Muhammadu Buhari.

Our source claimed that three weeks ago, the buses seen being moved out of their station at the newly commissioned Lagos Bus Terminal that is still under construction, along Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja.

According to sources who reside close to the terminal, some suspected persons allegedly moved the buses under the cover of night to an unknown destination, an action which has prompted Lagos residents to start asking about the whereabouts of the branded buses which they claimed were removed under suspicious circumstances.

Those in the know, claimed that the buses were from Coscharis Motors and that the buses where assembled in Nigeria. 

Daily Mandate gathered that the purchase of the buses were contracted to Coscharis Motors and that the state government has paid the full bill of the buses but that the first phase of over 70 were delivered but the alleged disappearance of the buses has kept mouth waging.

Efforts to obtain a response from the State Government proved abortive. Meanwhile, when our correspondent visited Coscharis Motors at Mile 2′ Maza-Maza area of Lagos, security guards at the gate were unfriendly.

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