Voters Beware! Voter merchants on the prowl

Who are the real candidates in the forthcoming general elections? This is the question on the lips of many voters in Nigeria. Voters are caught between pretenders and contenders who parade themselves as candidates.
For the first time in the history of Nigeria, fears of fake candidates are beginning to emerge. According to reports, some persons whose names were not forwarded to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, for the next election by their respective parties are still going about claiming to be the preferred
Some politicians have even promised that they would be ready to expose the true identity of some contestants when campaigns commence proper.
A good number of candidates are also not consistent in the offices they aspire to. Some candidates’ aspirations fluctuate. Many of them have altered their aspirations several times before the election. For instance one of the candidates had aspired to the position of the president only for them to now be canvassing for the senate.
Voters need to beware of “voter merchants” who are now on the prowl. There are indications that many candidates are only in the race, waiting for the dying minute before stepping down for any other formidable candidate to whom they hand over their “structures” which include their supporters (voters) for a fee.
“If we must stop vote buying then we must frown at the practice of one candidate handing over his or her structure to the other, because that structure includes supporters or voters and there is always some consideration for that action”, says a political analyst.
Already INEC has sounded a note of warning to candidates to decide whether they want to contest or not and convey same before the deadline for the commencement of political campaigns come November 18, 2018. This is ostensibly to avert situations where people make merchandise of their

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