The right man for the wrong job

The right man for the wrong job

Is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu the right man for the wrong job?  Asiwaju’s political sagacity has never been in doubt. It is said that Tinubu has the rare ability of the British Parliament of turning a man into a woman, politically speaking.
It is with this appeal that President Muhammad Buhari elected him for the near impossible task of reconciling the various irreconcilable conflicting interests within the ruling APC, not minding that peace and conflict resolution has its own golden rules,  I mean guiding principles.
The mediator must be knowledgeable. This you cannot take away from Asiwaju. Two,  the mediator must be charismatic, with which the Jagaban comes in loads.
But the father of all principles is that the negotiator must be impartial and not an interested party. This is where the issue is. The former Senator and one time governor cannot be said to be apolitical and it has never been heard that he has purged himself of having preferences. Himself has been on collision with some party officials and even elected and appointed functionaries.
It is no hate speech though mischievous when a commentator observed that Asiwaju needs to be purged or reconciled before taking on the job. It is strongly feared that the arbiter may end up with a bloody nose.
What is your own take?  Please join the conversation!

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